What I Want Now – August

So the weather has finally gotten summer-like but that hasn’t stopped me from browsing fall clothing, dreaming about hockey season and planning my autumn yard. It’s super hot and humid lately but I’ve been working a lot in air conditioning so I haven’t really spent too much time outside. In the dead of winter I’ll regret not fully enjoying these hot days but until then, I’ll dream of fall. Some of what I want this month is anticipation for the coming season, such as the hat, sneakers, and super cute Homage OSU tee. For winter, I LOVE the J.Crew coat, and scarf. Finally, the 5 Love Language book, which I’ve heard great things about and I think would be a great read for Chris and I as we decided against religious counseling (and it’s already in the mail. Thanks, Amazon!).

1. Galloway Scarf, $42, 2. Factory City Coat, $228, 3. David & Young Felt Fedora, $28, 4. Buckeye Grove Tee, $32, 5. The 5 Love Languages, $9.19, 6. Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Shoreline’ Sneaker, $44.95

Fall Essentials

With only 10 days left in August, September and fall are just around the corner. Everywhere you look are back-to-school ads and I am so, so grateful that I’m no longer affected by it. Since this is my first back-to-school season I’m not participating in, I want to embrace the season without the anxiety that I usually experience with the beginning of classes. I’m so grateful to have a job that I enjoy that provides me with a little more money to play around with and add to my wardrobe (:-)). I can’t wait to begin phasing out summer pieces and adding sweaters and pants to my daily outfits as well as scarves (my favorite), long socks, and boots (yay!). All you need for the perfect fall outfit are layers, layers, layers. Here are some pieces to help you transition into fall and carry you through the cool months:


1. Factory Warmspun Swingy Elbow-Patch Sweater, $59.50, 2. 1969 Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans, $69.95, 3. Lucky Brand Emmie, $59, 4. Factory Classic Button-Down Shirt in Plaid, $64.50, 5. Corner Shoppe Cardigan in Mustard, $32.99, 6. Galloway Scarf, $42, 7. Excursion Quilted Vest, $120, 8. Sam Edelman ‘Penny’ Boot, $189.95, 9. The Transport Tote, $168, 10. Hillcrest Thigh-High Socks in Gray, $18.99

Fall Hair Pinspiration

This week has been pretty busy so forgive the lack of posts. Tomorrow is my day off (yay!) and I get my hair cut and colored at Virtue. I always love hair appointments and am thinking about doing something a bit different for fall. I’ve been growing my hair out for about a year now but now that my wedding is behind me I don’t know if I want to keep growing it or cut a bit off. I’ve been coloring my hair for about 5 months or so so I would like to switch it up to something more fall appropriate. I’ve always preferred darker colors to brighter colors so yay for autumn colors! I took to Pinterest for some inspiration before my appointment so here are my favorites:


I love this cut and the mix of darker and lighter tones. I think that with my skin tone, I will need color colors but I hope to incorporate darker lowlights into my hair for fall


I’m not sure if I’m ready to go this short again but this is another great example of light and dark tones and incorporates some reds, which I’ve always been a fan of


This subtle ombre just screams fall. I love the reddish browns with the dark blondes and light browns


So this is way darker but I love the length. I just cut my bangs a little so I can’t copy this cut completely but I might work my way to a short length after a few haircuts

Wedding Sneak Peek

I can’t believe it’s already been over two months since Chris and I got married. It was a beautiful, sunny, 81 degree day and was so much more beautiful than I could have hoped. The day went so fast and most of it is a blur but one of my favorite parts was how much Chris and I were together. We did a first look as soon as I got dressed and hung out together in the house before the ceremony began. Not many couples share the moment before their ceremony together and it was very special to spend those few moments together. More to come on an official wedding post.

In the meantime, check out this sneak peek from the amazing Amy Ann Photography:








All photos by Amy Ann Photography


J.Crew Factory Picks

Have I mentioned how excited I am that fall is so close? Every year around this time, I begin to get excited about all the new fall-appropriate clothing and dream about a brand new wardrobe to kick off the season. Though J.Crew Factory doesn’t currently have a sale going on (unless you’re a cardholder), I can’t help but fill my shopping bag with my favorite items. Below, find some essential fall pieces that I hope to add to my wardrobe this season (the sweater and shirt are the items I have my eye on most). Shop my picks below:

Mini Vacation to Lake Erie


Chris and I took a much needed mini vacation up to Lake Erie this weekend. We stayed in our family’s condo and enjoyed two days of sun and relaxation. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was nice to go down to the pool whenever we felt like it and being able to do whatever we want without worrying about the pup.


After taking the “scenic route” up to Port Clinton, we woke up Saturday, had breakfast and headed down to the pool. It was surprisingly cool but we were still able to take a dip in the pool. We grilled out for lunch and headed to Toft’s for ice cream. My family used to go to Toft’s a couple times a year when we would visit the condo and it reminded me of those fun family times.



We headed to Sandusky for a movie in the evening and saw Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a fun movie and I really enjoyed it. On Sunday, we were extra lazy before having lunch at Jolly Rogers (the perch-n-chips was delicious).


It was nice to get away for a weekend and though it was nice to come home to my kitty and pup, I’ll miss the wonderful breeze and sound of waves through an open window.


It’s also my sweet Maxwell’s third birthday so happy birthday, buddy!