What I Want Now: July

The summer is absolutely flying by and as much as I look forward to glorious fall weather I want this summer heat to last as long as possible. I love being surrounded by green and walking outside with bare skin and that feeling of the sun on my face. I am so grateful for my job but I absolutely hate being stuck inside all day with air conditioning. I’m always freezing and spend a lot of time daydreaming of sitting out in the sun and soaking in as much heat as possible. I’ve been inspired by Essie Button’s vlogs to focus on home decor again and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve really fallen in love with modern decor. I definitely appreciate bright, simple Scandinavian design with that modern touch buuuuuut I need a little more color and mess. I’ve been really holding back on decorating because we’re renting and I just don’t feel like we really own the space so why put a lot of effort into filling a space that we will be moving out of in a year or so (fingers crossed).

Anyway, back on topic. I’ve been browsing West Elm, Ikea, Dot & Bo, etc. for pieces we can add to our home to add that modern twist that I’m looking for. Also, as per usual, I’m constantly adding items to my Sephora cart that I may eventually splurge on (by the way, I recently achieved VIB status…. I’m not sure if I’m impressed or a little horrified that I’ve spent that much). Ever since I started washing my hair less often I’ve been heat styling almost every time I do shampoo, which was a big change for me but I thought I had to in order to stretch out my wash. I’ve been wanting to air dry my hair more again so I want a great styling product that is meant for air drying, which brings me to the Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It. Finally, I STILL want the New Balance sneakers for fall and I could always use some trays to help me organize my makeup and stuff. To fulfill all my wants and desires, this is my July wish list:

WhatIWantNowJULY151. Bare Minerals READY Eye Shadow 2.0 in The Top Shelf $20, 2. Woven Shaker Chair $184.99, 3. Preaching Good Vibes Throw Pillow $34.99, 4. Cosmetix Stax Vanity Trays $7.99-12.99, 5. Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It $30, 6. New Balance 420 Navy Vintage Sneakers $118, 7. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette $58

Living Room Inspiration: Updated

I’m surprised how much my home decor tastes have changed. I would say I started off being into a more traditional look with a touch of country. I’ve always liked bright and happy and eclectic rooms have always caught my eye. At our current house, the style of the room set the tone for how I decorate each room. It’s a bit of a mishmash right now since we have just bought pieces along the way over the last 3 years we’ve lived together. Our living room is where we spend most of our time and it’s a space that I’ve wanted to make comfortable and stylish while still showcasing the things we love. It’s been slowly transforming into a more adult and modern space and I’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspiration to make it even more “us”.

I did a previous living room inspiration post just over a year ago and I feel like I haven’t strayed as much as I thought I may have. The biggest change is that I’m trying to not be overly feminine since Chris has to share the space with me as well. I’ve been working really hard to try to create spaces that suit both our tastes. I’m trying to take inspiration from modern, Scandinavian-style rooms as they seem to have things both Chris and I like. The biggest challenge now is filling our living room with pieces that are stylish without overspending. I’ve been browsing Ikea, West Elm, and Dot & Bo to try and find furniture and accessories that will complete the space. I might do a little post on our current living room in the near future. In the meantime, here are some rooms that I love:

I am absolutely obsessed with this room. It could be the amazing rug, the various house plants, or the shelf and gallery in the back buuuuut this is probably my favorite living room I’ve come across

8ab8c611e54b522fe0cc36e306a3105a{image source}

This room is very similar to the one above, and again I love the rug and house plants! The grey couch reminds me of the one we have currently so I can definitely see our living room looking like this59045568a752ba7bd484a2e0648628a4{image source}

This room reminds me so much our our living room with our wall of white built in shelves and I love how styled these ones are. I am always tweaking the items on our shelves so I can display some of my favorite things without looking like a messc92068ba230e6138d2ddfbd0c43388d3{image source}

This room has a different color scheme than I plan on using but I love all the throw pillows on the couch and the crisp white walls. It looks like a room you could actually hang out indef9f5f4f3b72702b99400acff8a8918{image source}

Anniversary Trip to Florida

Chris and I spent the first week of June in Sarasota, Florida and it was soooo needed. I planned it to be a first anniversary trip and it was so nice to relax on a beach together without the stress of having just gotten married (like last time we went to the beach together). Neither of us had been to Florida in over six years and Sarasota has always been a favorite so it was fun to revisit a spot that is so familiar. Our flight was bright and early, which allowed us to arrive at our destination early enough to check into our rental and head to the beach. Our rental was right on the beach, which was amazing because in the mornings we would eat breakfast and head on out to lay out. Neither of us is interested in just lying on a chair all day so we spend a lot of time in the water. I had never been to Florida this late in the year so I wasn’t use to how hot the water could be. Siesta Key water is always beautiful and clear and we did quite a bit of snorkeling. Our evenings were spent getting dinner at Captain Curt’s, Daiquiri Deck, and NAME. Seafood is my favorite so I ate as much as I could. We also went to Yoder’s twice for breakfast because it’s just that amazing.

IMG_0666{Amish Scramble from Yoder’s}

IMG_0656{Clam Strips from Captain Curt’s}

IMG_0667{Daiquiris from the Daiquiri Deck}

IMG_0642{Early morning flight}

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A highlight of the vacation would have to be our day-trip to Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter since I was 9 years-old and when I heard they were building an attraction at Universal, I knew I would have to go. Chris and I left early enough to arrive when the park opened and spent over 6 hours there. It was pricey but soooooo worth it! We started at Hogsmeade and then spent the rest of the day in Diagon Alley. The attention to detail was so awesome and the rides were actually really fun. We rode two rides while we were there and each purchased a wand because TREAT YO-SELF!

11402402_10207163179984338_3823069990892419416_o{The Hogwart’s Express}







When the week was up, we were both so sad to leave the beach but couldn’t wait to see our pup and cat! I don’t know when we will go to Florida again and don’t know when our next vacation will be buuuuuut I can’t wait to plan it!

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What I Want Now: June

When I started rounding up my June favorites I was surprised how not summery they were. I’ve never been a fan of summer clothes but I usually resist checking out about fall clothes until August or so. The weather has felt very summery though and I absolutely love the sun and heat I just don’t like wearing shorts and tanks. Working full-time doesn’t allow me to wear normal clothes very often but every weekend when I’m trying to pick out an outfit, I can’t seem to settle on anything that I really like. I went to Madewell the other day and walked out with shorts and a sweater (I mean, seriously… when do I think I will be wearing a sweater?) Anyway, I’m pretty obsessed with Twenty One Pilots right now and even though Blurryface is up on Spotify, I’m trying to support them by purchasing their album. I’ve also been on the lookout for a pair of stick studs. I don’t change my earrings very often and I almost always stick to simple studs and I think the stick studs still look very cool without standing out too much. The brush and mask will help me achieve my goal of taking better care of me and have relaxing time to myself, which I’ve been missing a bit since working full-time.

WhatIWantNowJUNE151. Longline Open-Front Cardigan $44.99 [sale] | 2. Tall Moto Black Ripped Jamie Jeans $75 | 3. Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush $16 | 4. Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask $22 | 5. Tubular Studs $24 | 6. Blurryface $13.99

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, can you believe that June is over halfway through? Father’s Day is right around the corner and marks the official start to summer. I usually have a pretty difficult time picking out a gift for my dad and this Father’s Day has proven even more difficult to shop for because I was away the entire first week of June and before that I thought I had so much time. I’ve spent the last week recovering from vacation (seriously… I need a vacation for my vacation). I have brainstormed some ideas that will fit my dad but just haven’t bit the bullet yet and ordered them (hmmm… guess I know what I’m doing after creating this post). If nothing in this guide fits your pops, consider getting tickets to his favorite band, a new book, music subscription service, or even a gift card to his favorite local restaurant. Have a good rest of your week and thanks for hanging with me during the crazy blog schedule. A post on my Florida vaca is coming soon!
fatherdaygiftsBrothers Drake: Hot Shot Mead $18 | Jack Black The Power Pack $49 | TOMS ‘Brogue’ Wingtip $57.90R89 Grande Safety Razor $75 | A Bit of a Bite Salsa: Heiny Hot Salsa $6.99 | Face Wash Brick – Musk $9.99 | Mr. Bar-B-Q 21-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set $36.79 | Timex Easy Reader Silver $53

Sarasota Vaca


I’m headed to one of my favorite places, Sarasota, Florida! Chris & I will be spending plenty of time enjoy the sunshine,the ocean, some tasty seafood, and a frozen cocktail or two. We are planning an excursion to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, breakfast at Yoder’s (followed by lunch at the Daiquiri Deck and dinner at Captain Curt’s), as well as plenty of beach time and maybe a trip to downtown Sarasota. I have been looking forward to this vacation for so long that I don’t know what will drive me once it’s over but I’m sure it will be splendid. I will miss my sweet Max and Piggy but trust that they will be in good hands.

For now, I leave you with this beautiful Siesta Key sunset from 6 years ago. See you all later!


What I Want Now: May

This 4-day week so far has been so nice and short and I don’t know if it’s because I’m about to go away on vaca or if it’s because I’m finally figuring out my new job. Transitioning to a sales position has been easier than I thought it would be but only time will tell if I can totally embrace the saleswoman in me or not. Anyway, I’m keeping my wish list this month simple with a basic white tee, black booties, a coral blush for spring, a nice striped swing dress, and Cupcakes & Cashmere’s new book.

WhatIWantNowMAY151. Jersey Pocket Tee $25, 2. NARS Blush in Torrid $30, 3. Cupcakes & Cashmere at Home $11.97, 4. Blanche Ankle Boots $85, 5. AEO Swing Tank Dress $34.95