Avocado Toast


What day is it?!

That above is my new obsession. It’s sooooo easy and absolutely delicious! All you have to do is toast some bread, slice up an avocado, squeeze a little lemon juice on top and add some salt and pepper, fry up an egg, and throw it all together. Chris and I have been eating this for breakfast almost every weekend and we haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Avocados are pretty much my favorite food ever and I like to keep a few on hand at all times. The egg part can be changed up depending on what you prefer (poached, fried, over easy, scrambled) and if you want a little extra kick throw on some red pepper flakes. You can also mash the avocado if you prefer that texture. If you haven’t joined the avocado toast craze yet, you should jump on it!

Life Lately


Did I come up with a blog schedule during my hiatus? No. Did I get everything done that I wanted to this past month? No. Buuuuuut I have figured out my career future a bit more and that’s good enough for me. I have decided to treat this blog as more of a occasional space for me to write rather than stressing myself out trying to get 5 posts out per week. I also found that I was spending more time on my computer when I was posting every day and i really enjoyed how much more time I spent doing other things when I didn’t focus on putting posts together. I have missed writing and creating posts so I do plan on still doing 3 or so a week.


During this last month, I attended a surprise 30th birthday party for my cousin Gwen which was a blast, toured the Columbus Museum of Art to view the Mobile Photo Now exhibit, shopped at Easton (a lot!), celebrated my 9th dating anniversary with Chris, pieced together my spring wardrobe, spent time out on my parents’ deck, had a wonderful Easter, started planning my 2015 garden, and gave a center part a go. Now I have a mini vaca to southern Ohio, a full-blown vacation to Sarasota, and my first wedding anniversary to look forward to. This weekend was absolutely perfect and I hope next weekend is just as productive, fun, and relaxing. I’m hoping to get out and get some photos of the city during spring so look out for that post soon. Have a great week, everyone!

P.S. Anyone watch Game of Thrones? I am SO excited to have it back!


Working full-time and blogging has proven more difficult than I thought. Lately I’ve been unsatisfied with the timeΒ I’ve dedicated to each blog post and after working all day, I find it very difficult to create blog posts that meet my expectations. I have finally decided to take a little a break. During this time, I hope to come up with a better schedule and get a head start on some blogging goals I’ve made for myself this year. I’m hoping to only be away for a couple weeks but one month may be more realistic. When I return, I hope to have fuller posts with more content as well as more about my personal life. I appreciate you all sticking with me through this hiatus and, please, feel free to comment with what you would like to see more of. Thank you for all your support during this transition! Until next time, everyone!

Two Years With Maxwell


Two years ago today Chris and I made the big decision to adopt a dog. Two days prior we had a made a trip to the Franklin County Dog Shelter to sign up as volunteers but we decided to take a peek at the available dogs as well. We chose Maxwell as the dog we would take out and meet and after he spent most of the time ignoring us he finally revealed himself by giving me a kiss on the cheek and sitting down beside me. That’s the moment that I think he chose us as his family. Bringing a dog home was both exciting and terrifying. I had spent most of my childhood with a dog and didn’t think it was possible to love another dog that much but I was wrong. It was quite an adjustment to go from a dog-less household to one with a dog but it’s been so rewarding. A dog is a huge responsibility but I would never, ever go back to life without Max. He is not only super obedient, but the most cuddly and sweetest dog I’ve ever met. He gets along with my parents’ dog Alex and I swear he was meant to be our cat Pig’s brother.


I love coming home to a dog that’s always excited to see me and never cares if my hair’s a mess or my sweatpants are too baggy. The amount of love I have for this pup is unreal. I just can’t get enough of his sweet little ears, the way he grumbles when he sees a stranger outside, and his adorable forehead wrinkle. I cannot imagine what it will be like to mother a child. Happy second anniversary, Max!IMG_9941


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What I Want Now: February

As usual, the month has flown by. It’s been bitter cold and snowy and I cannot wait for the start of spring. I’m Β so excited to start my new position and make a bit more money. There are plenty of things I want this month and our house if my main focus. Now that Chris and I have filled our file boxes, we are in desperate need of a filing cabinet or two and our office needs a major overhaul. I’ve had this filing cabinet on my wish list for a while now because I love the mint color and the casters for rolling it around and under a desk. The lamp is my style while still being masculine enough for C. The rest of these items are less necessary but I wouldn’t hate making a trip out to Easton to pick them all up.

WhatIWantNowFEB151. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse $30 | 2. Agave Oil Treatment $40 | 3. End Grain Board $139.95 | 4. Topshop Front Seam V-Neck Sweater $70 | 5. Scoop Table Lamp $69 | 6. TPS Mint 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet $159

Movin’ On Up


Sorry that I’ve been a little MIA. I have gone from working 25-29 hours a week to 38+ hours (not to mention this time last year I was getting an embarrassing 14 hours a week) at the bank. Things have been moving pretty quickly and I officially accepted a position as a universal banker. I’m very pleased to have been promoted after only 6 months as a teller and will definitely not hate the increase in income. I’m a little sad about losing some free time that could have been spent snuggling with my dog or blogging and that’s it’s still not exactly what I had in mind but as a full time job was always the goal, I’m very happy. I should begin training for my new position soon but in the meantime I’m going to try to nail down a schedule that allows me to blog regularly as well as to work and still live my life. I’m finding myself extremely motivated by the idea of purchasing a house next year and am optimistic that Chris and I can save what we need for a down payment. I’m sure a new car will need to be purchased before a house so hopefully things continue to go well and we can become real adults that, you know, buy cars and houses and stuff.

It’s just crazy to think how miserable I was when I was finishing up school and then how defeated I felt while trying to find a “real job”. I was so, so fortunate to have such a wonderful person who has been a constant in my life and always an encouraging, loving part. Having a great relationship made it so much easier for me to battle with the professional part of my life without losing my mind. I keep trying to remember that “sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must but take the step.”

So for now, I’m trying to enjoy this bitter-cold winter (verrrrry difficult), cherishing my wonderful fur children (and husband, of course), and hoping that spring comes sooner than later and that I enjoy my new position. Have a great and safe weekend, everyone!

Dress Up

With spring and wedding season approaching, I can’t help but to begin to fantasize about leaving my house in a dress with bare legs and no boots. It’s been FREEZING these last few days and every time I’ve left the house lately, I’ve become so frustrated with how cold it is. The first day I can walk out without a coat and boots, will be a happy day and I will celebrate with a pretty spring dress.

I recently treated myself to two new dresses (1 & 2) because, you, know, Valentine’s Day! Now that I’m no longer planning a wedding and wedding related events, I’m staying away from white and going for colors that are more appropriate for all occasions. It would be so much more fun to buy dresses if I could actually wear what I wanted to work buuuuuut I guess I’ll just have to settle for weddings and cocktail parties. Here are some of my current favorite choices for dress options:

dressupFactory Scalloped Trim Dress $59.50, Full Flower Cut Crochet Pink Dress $56.90, Sleeveless Dress $34.95, Verda Maxi Dress $168, Floral Print Drop Waist Dress $148, Silk Lace-Inset Cami Dress $150, Fete at the Foothills Dress $84.99, Lemon Drop T Shirt Dress $149, Vila Lace Insert Dress with Tie Waist $77.04