Living Room Essentials


In my current rental, the living room is probably my favorite room. It has high ceilings, two windows, huge, white built ins and a beautiful fireplace with a mantel/mirror. I really didn’t feel that it needed too much to add character so I’ve mostly just been on the hunt for pretty accessories to dress it up and make it feel like mine. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a room looking nice when you have a cat and a dog so I always am aware of whether or not their hair will stand out on certain items, colors, surfaces, etc. Here are some of my favorite images to refer to when I am shopping for or decorating my living room.

My favorite thing about this image is the use of color in this mostly white and airy space. I am a huge sucker for floral patterns and chevron, which both appear in this living room. If I could find this exact blue couch, I would be happy. 🙂3b0a3d9050e97a1b49206eabf92ec734

{image source}

Here’s another mostly white, bright living room with a delicious blue couch. The pops of gold also make me really happy.


{image source}

This room just looks so liveable. It appears more real than some others you come across on Pinterest and I love that. The couch reminds me of the one I currently have so that’s a plus. I’m really into printing and hanging family photos so I love how they have three large portraits as their focal point rather than some abstract art.


{image source}

This pastel room is probably my favorite. I love the all white walls, light couch, mint coffee table and striped rug. The gallery ledge is also pretty cool. I can’t help but think how my dog and cat hair would be especially visible on all these light surfaces so that’s something to think about. But seriously, where can I get that coffee table?


{image source}

I’m sure C wouldn’t be too impressed by a pink room, though I’m sure that even with a white or light grey wall, you would get the same feeing in the room. I love the worn wood coffee table and patterned pillows.

{image source}

If I had it my way, I would furnish and decorate my living room with the following items:


Everett Coffee Table, $259.99

Threshold Decorative Peony Pillow, $18.74

Threshold Honeycomb Gold Foiled Table Lamp Base, $43.99

Threshold Gold Stripe Lamp Shade, $24.99

Jardin des Plantes Vase, $28

Grey & White Chevron Throw, $299.99

Wood Block “B”, $28

World Map Poster, $24

Factory Side Table, $49

Floral Lace Mirror, $248

Magical Thinking Flourish Tile Handmade Rug, $89

Sand Kendall Sofa, $699.99


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